General Summary

With your certificate/diploma from Career Captioning Institute you are on your way to working with captioning companies like Caption Colorado, U.S. Captioning, Vitac, CCS Caption and many other closed captioning service providers.  Working with these companies and other leaders in the captioning industry will give you the confidence and technological knowledge needed in keeping pace with your new and exciting career.  Although we at Career Captioning Institute are very confident in the expanding job market we cannot guarantee employment once you have completed our program.  We will provide you with recruitment skills and access to job openings after graduation for as long as needed.  You have our commitment in helping you succeed in finding employment and income success.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Connect to remote encoders, listen to an audio line and create accurate live captions.
  • Prepare for events by researching and adding relevant words to one’s dictionary.
  • Maintain personal equipment and software
  • Assess accuracy and completeness and practice to improve accuracy and completeness.
  • Keep track of time spent on each program.
  • Report on issues with each program.
  • Work directly with technical in-house and client staff.

Caption Colorado

We at Caption Colorado have been hiring voice writers for over five years, and have found that with proper training of both the person and the software, voice writers can reach our company captioning standards in all areas of our business. Though this is a fairly new development in the captioning world, we see it as significant and expect to employ as many voice writers and steno writers as we can.

What to Expect
To become an employee, a candidate must first successfully complete our screening process. This includes submission of a resume, a telephone interview, and evaluation of at least two samples of the candidate’s realtime text production, which are evaluated by the company. If the candidate is offered and accepts a position as a result of this screening, the candidate is brought to the central offices in Denver for 4-5 days of intense onboarding training. After that, the employee returns home, sets up his captioning equipment, and performs mock and shadow events. When the employee is performing consistently and seems to understand all of the procedures involved in performing a captioning event, he is approved to go live and is given a schedule of events he is to caption.

Captioning schedules can vary and can have some flexibility. All Caption Colorado captioners work remotely from home, so there is no commuting cost, no wardrobe expense, etc. Caption Colorado provides all software and almost all hardware needed to be an employee.

What’s New?
We are seeing an increased need for captioners due to new FCC captioning rules. In addition, captioning’s corollary services (CART, Internet captioning, etc.) continue to grow and demand more captioners. We hope to have you on staff someday.

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Caption Colorado

Kaufman & Associates

Founder of Audioscribe. His company Audioscribe introduced realtime voicewriting to the marketplace, and Mr. Kaufman was author of the original VoiceRite realtime voicewriting theory and VoiceEd training program.

His current duties include owning and operating a successful CART (computer assisted realtime translation) business that services colleges and universities in Louisiana and Texas. Phil’s company currently employs 6 CART providers that work remotely from home and on campuses.

As a licensed court reporter, Phil also owns and operates one of the oldest and most respected court reporting firms in Louisiana. His court reporting firm currently employs five full-time court reporters in Central Louisiana and the New Orleans area.

Phillip is also a consultant to our program and helps to monitor and guide us in ensuring our training is thorough, complete and stays up with technology demands in the industry.

Mr. Kaufman’s website is